Pilkington MirroView is ideal for concealing televisions and video screens. With its highly reflective mirror coating on a clear substrate, it gives your televisions and video screens a modern, transitional look.

Bear Glass is proud to offer Pilkington Mirroview to our customers. We have forged an alliance with Pilkington and will be offering a variety their products


Off-line Coating Glass

Off-line coating are applied after manufacture:

  • Higher levels of selectivity, thermal insulation and light transmittance
  • Glass can be supplied in toughened and laminated by applying the coating to pre-processed glass
  • Glass requires extra care in handling and processing, and has limited shelf life

On-line Coating Glass

On-line coating are applied during manufacture:

  • Greater durability
  • Can achive a higher degree of passive solar gain compared to off-line coatings
  • Glass can be toughened and laminated without difficulty
  • Glass is easy to handle and process, and has no shelf life